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Africa/ Asia                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                     Butterflies---Garden Room, page 1

Pg.1                                                                                                              By The Baobab--Africa/Asia, page 1

By The Baobab                                                                                           Cloud Forest Frog--Americas, page 1

Elephant Family                                                                                          Coastal Village--Northwest, page 1

Flamingo                                                                                                      Crab Apple Blossom--Garden Room, page 1

Leopard                                                                                                       Dragonflies--Garden Room, page 1

Oryx                                                                                                             Ducks--Northwest, page 1

Panda                                                                                                           Duma--Africa/Asia, page 3

Pg.2                                                                                                              Egret's Garden--Garden Room, page 2

Three Of A Kind                                                                                         Elephant Family--Africa/Asia, page 1

Greater Kudu                                                                                              El Pajaro Grande--Americas, page 1

Serengeti Sunrise                                                                                        First Nations Mask--Northwest, page 1

Secretary Bird                                                                                             First Nations Mask II--Northwest, page2

Twiga                                                                                                           First Nations Mask III--Northwest, page 1

Longtailed Tailorbird                                                                                  Flamingo--Africa/Asia, page 1

Pg.3                                                                                                              Fred Frog--Garden Room, page 1

Sealed With A Kiss                                                                                    Greater Kudu--Africa/Asia, page 2

                                                                                                                     Hawk--Northwest, page 1

Two To Tango                                                                                             Heron--Northwest, page 3

Over Easy                                                                                                   Herons--Northwest, page 1

Duma                                                                                                           Hummingbird I--Garden Room, page 1

                                                                                                                     Hummingbird II--Garden Room, page 2

                                                                                                                     Lascaux, Pileta, Chauvet Caves I--Misc. page 1

Garden Room                                            Lascaux, Pileta, Chauvet Caves II--Misc. page 1

                                                                                                                     Leopard--Africa, page 1

Pg.1                                                                                                              Living With Whales--Northwest, page 1

Butterflies                                                                                                   Longtailed Tailorbird--Africa/Asia, page 2

Crab Apple Blossom                                                                                   Lure Of Lavender--Garden Room, page 2

Dragonflies                                                                                                  Mountain Sunrise--Northwest, page 3

Hummingbird I                                                                                            Mykonos--Misc. page 1

Fred Frog                                                                                                     New Dungeness Light Station--Northwest, page 3

Saffron                                                                                                         Ocelot--Americas, page 1

Pg.2                                                                                                              Oryx--Africa/Asia, page 1

Hummingbird II                                                                                           Over Easy--Africa/Asia, page 3

Egret's Garden                                                                                            Pack of Alpacas--Americas, page 2

Lure Of Lavender                                                                                       Panda--Africa/Asia, page 1

Rooster                                                                                                        Parrots--Americas, page 1

                                                                                                                      Penguins--Misc. page 1

Americas                                                    Pennant Fish--Americas, page 1

                                                                                                                      Puffin II--Northwest, page 2

Pg.1                                                                                                               Rollin' Home--Misc. page 1

Cloud Forest Frog                                                                                      Rooster--Garden Room, page 2

Parrots                                                                                                         Saffron--Garden Room, page 1

The Freighter Arrives                                                                                 Sealed With A Kiss--Africa/Asia, page 3

Ocelot                                                                                                           Sea Otter--Northwest, page 2

Pennant Fish                                                                                                Secretary Bird--Africa/Asia, page 2

El Pajaro Grande                                                                                         Sequim Elk--Northwest, page 2

Pg.2                                                                                                               Serengeti Sunrise--Africa/Asia, page 2

Toucan                                                                                                          Swimmin' Home--Northwest, page 3              

Pack of Alpacas

Northwest                                                   The Freighter Arrives--Americas, page 1                Pg.1                                                                                                                Three Of A Kind--Africa/Asia, page 2                                                              

Herons                                                                                                          Tlingit--Northwest, page 3

First Nations Mask                                                                                      Toucan--Americas, page 2

Ducks                                                                                                            Twiga--Africa/Asia, page 2

Coastal Village                                                                                             Two To Tango--Africa/Asia, page 3

Living With Whales                                                                                      Untitled--Northwest, page 3

First Nations Mask III                                                                                Whale Tails--Northwest, page 2

Pg.2                                                                                                                Wild--Northwest, page 2

First Nations Mask II                                                                                  17th Century Iberia--Misc. page 1


Sequim Elk                                                                                    

Whale Tails

Puffin II 

Sea Otter


Swimmin' Home                                                                                             



Mountain Sunrise


New Dungeness Light Station


Lascaux, Pileta, Chauvet Caves II

Lascaux, Pileta, Chauvet Caves I

Rollin' Home

17th Century Iberia



Old Village   








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